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While we were in an ever evolving time and an unprecedented pandemic, the VSS team remained flexible and adapted. The Logistician that was hired to manage our storage unit was very organized and detailed. She addressed any requests very quickly, responded to immediate requirements, deliveries, impromptu site visits, etc. She remained available in accordance to the contract but also ensured we were able to reach her immediately for emergencies. I would strongly recommend VSS for any federal contract with similar requirements.

Veterans Integrated Services Network 16

“I have been a COR on many contracts in my 14 years with the VA. And I honestly have to say that this Vendor/Contract has been the best experience I have had. The two staff they hired locally to manage the Warehouse in rural WI have been outstanding contract staff to work with. Things are completed timely and without error. They are always professional and have always strived to improve the inventory management of our stock of PPE and Equipment. I have not received any complaints from any of our contracted trucking firms, they reply promptly and if they say they will stay late or come in early to accommodate the drives, they do that.

During site visits everything is neat and orderly and ready for use at short notice. They had to move to another warehouse during our contract but the service was seamless to us at the VA. They supported us through the move and did not ask for any special deviations to the contract. The warehouse staff kept me appraised during the move and invited me to conduct on site visits if I needed.

Management keeps in contact on a regular basis and the thing I appreciate is they have not asked to change or modify the contract in any way. I consider them a strategic partner and they where very instrumental in our support of our 8 VA Hospitals and over 60 Clinics during COVID-19. We did have a couple of emergency request during this contract, and we received outstanding support from VSS. The request was for shipment Ultra Low Freezers when we had two failures in our pharmacies over the weekend. This was critical so we did not lose any COVID-19 vaccines.”

Veterans Integrated Services Network 23

“On the afternoon of Friday, April 13th, it became apparent that Purell hand sanitary refills required to support the Kennedy Space Center Family Day were not on hand. This is a specialized product that is not normally stocked nor readily available on shelves. However, VSS was able to locate and willing to drive to Jacksonville, Florida, to deliver the product in the late evening. VSS’s same day outstanding support and teamwork allowed URS to fulfill its obligation to NASA without impact to Family Day”

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